Sunday, May 3, 2009

High Plateau Social Scene

Before Dinner Exercise

You might think that all we do is ride, hike, and eat while in Grover. You are mostly right thinking that, but there are times we actually get invited out. Local friends take pity on us and frequently extend a welcome dinner invitation or two. After days and days of eating Dangerous' greasy cooking, a well cooked meal at Clark and Teri's or Larry and Judy's is something to look forward to. At Grover, you never have to worry about getting enough to eat, but sometimes volume isn't a good substitute for quality. As Dangerous tells all Grover dinner guests, he will cook anything he can fit in a Dutch Oven, and you get your steak cooked his way.

Clark, Lefty, and Teri

The menu at Clark and Teri's is more diverse and varied than the usual cheeseburgers, steaks, or hot dog you're usually served in Grover. Dangerous' cooking can't compare with the incredible-edible delights that Teri whips up in her kitchen. According to Dangerous, the other night she started the boys (Dangerous, Fremont, Bronze-Age-Man, and Clark) with roast lamb ribs. If that wasn't enough, she placed a huge plate of chicken cacciatore in the middle of the dinner table. Add a slice of homemade bread and a bottle of 6.0 Colorado brew, and you really have a meal to talk about. Teri isn't satisfied with three or four courses. She always adds a homemade desert to put extra inches on Dangerous' and the other guests' waistlines. No one ever complains! They just undo the top button of their Levis and continue stuffing themselves. Just listening to Dangerous talk about Teri's latest creation is enough to make a sheep dog drool.

Lefty Waits for Dinner

I usually wait in the truck when we travel to Larry and Judy's for a night out. Their dog Otis is a bit territorial, so I sit safely in the back of Dangerous' Chevy truck sniffing the wonderful smells wafting from Larry's Dutch Ovens. You should see the size of those ovens. The largest Dangerous owns is a 14 which holds a lot, but Larry has some even bigger that he stuffs with all sorts of tempting delicacies. My stomach really starts to growl sitting in the back of the truck as Larry cooks up his famous Dutch Oven chicken and potatoes. After stuffing the boys with chicken and taters, Judy always finds a way to outdo the main course with an incredible desert. You might get carrot cake or some double chocolate delight to top off the best Dutch Oven meal you will find on the High Plateau. When Judy and Larry's daughter got married a few years back, they didn't bother with a caterer. Who needs one when you cook like these two?

Larry, Judy, and Jen

While the food is good, the entertainment at these gatherings is even better. Larry is a consummate story teller who can entertain his guests for hours. Clark always has stories to share about High Plateau happenings, and their wives offer engaging conversation. So, If someone ever tells you that the High Plateau country is a social backwater, don't believe them. Dangerous, Utah, Fremont, Mike and other dinner guests have spent many evenings enjoying more than good food. You don't have to dress up to attend one of these gatherings, but you do have to come prepared to laugh and have a good time. If you are ever driving Highway 12, sniff the breeze or listen for lots of laughter. The smell of good food and the sound of people having fun might lead you to a social even you won't soon forget.

"Hobby" Dresses Up

If you want to know if the summer season has started on the High Plateau, check what Fremont Bob's horses and mules are wearing. Fremont always breaks out his finest tack to greet the new social season. As you can see, "Hobby" is wearing his finest silver encrusted head stall.

Next week, we take our annual forced march into the Escalante wilderness. Dangerous puts his saddle away and shakes the dust off his backpack. So, you might not hear from us until we get back. but stay tuned for fresh news and more adventures from the High Plateau.

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MasterLefty said...

Spending an evening with friends makes my day, love listening to the stories and the food is just a bonus, whoever does the cooking, it's always a fine meal. Always look forward to such gatherings.