Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pleasant Creek: Poem by Mississippi Max

We were ridin’ down on Pleasant Creek, Dangerous, Bob and me

Soakin’ up the sunshine, breathin’ air that’s free

I was ridin’ on the hobbyhorse, while dangerous rode the mare

Ernest packin’ ole Fremont, who rode without a care

What a day for loafin’… so good it’d make you cry

Pleasant Creek was sparklin’, as the warm sun climbed the sky

I reveled in the freedom… I let my spirit soar

Good friends and horses on a ride, who could ask for more?

There was clatter from the equine hooves, as we crossed the rocky ground

A screeching hawk on silent wing, the only other sound

A smile stuck firmly to my face, couldn’t wipe it if I’d tried

The scene too grand and life too good to just be brushed aside

There were carvings on a rock wall, put there by unknown hand

We gave ‘em close inspection… but respect the ancient band

Then I considered all the years it took to shape a rock

Honored just to know, I too, am part of history’s clock

We crossed the creek a time or two, as rock walls blocked our path

With colors, textures, shapes and forms left by time’s great wrath

To form things even half so grand, what an artist He must be

Though this canyon isn’t heaven, it’s quite good enough for me

As my mind took flight to other realms, new vistas brought their joys

We were timeless travelers on a quest, just like little boys

Life was full of promise, like when I was nine or ten

As nature worked it’s magic, life here seemed to have no end

Then Ernest, in his wisdom, jerked my mortal chain

As he launched ole Bob with one great leap and caused a bit of pain

Just a brief reminder… we were still on mortal ground

I’d better pay attention or there’ll be knots upon my crown

Well, Ernest’s wisdom lasts a while, but revelry was strong

I was again soon lost in thought to nature’s siren song

Pleasant Creek… what better name or title could it hold

To deal a man such pleasure and refresh his very soul?


As promised, Dangerous finally posted Mississippi Max's poem describing his ride down Pleasant Creek in September. With the change in weather, we are stuck at home, so I will have more time to share recent and past adventures with you. As I mentioned in my last blog, we spent last week exploring Anasazi Indian ruins with Nature Dan and Utah Jack. Dangerous took a lot of pictures and I have some interesting commentary to share about our trip. Stay tuned for more adventures from the High Plateau. Love to hear from you!


Jay Banta said...


As fine a piece of poetry as I've ever read. Almost enough to make me get on a horse and ride with you! Fremont Bob did not get buggered up too bad. I'm not at all convinced that Blue is a good nurse or know how to milk the goats!

MasterLefty said...

Wow! That is exactly how I feel on my walks, I get lost in the moment taking in things like I never have before. Nice poem!

Gloria said...

I'd say that is a poem worthy of a Cowboy Poetry Festival. It surely brings out what we're all missing. Thanks, Rosie, for passing it on.