Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice!

The High Holiday is Finally Here!

While most of you are scurrying around buying and wrapping those last minute Christmas gifts, Dangerous and I are outside closely watching the sun on the horizon. Starting today, December 21, the sun reaches its southern most point, and starts north again. From now until the Spring Equinox, we get an additional minute of daylight until late June. For us, the Winter Solstice is probably the most important holiday we celebrate all year. In three to four short months, we will be back on the trail again. So, to celebrate the High Holiday I thought we would share some memorable pictures from 2009. Season's Greetings to everyone who follows my High Plateau adventures!

January Snow Shoeing

Spring Brings New Life to the High Plateau

Camping in the Uintas

Escalante River Hiking

Summer in the High Country

August in Wyoming

Labor Day Picnic

Mississippi Max Visits in September

October Walking Horse Ride

Fall Trip to Southeastern Utah

November Birthday in Grover

Year End

Well, I hope you have enjoyed following my adventures this year. With a little encouragement, I think I can get Ol' Dangerous to keep typing for me, but I need to hear from you occasionally. Your comments and observations are important to us and all our High Plateau friends. Happy holidays!


Becca Hatch said...

Could this be your 2010 calendar? Just curious.

Jay Banta said...

I look forward to being a regular "Grover Boyz" soon! I think Becca is on to something. A Ride the High Plateau calendar showing only the best of Grover life!