Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chasing the Sun

What do you think of a guy who would leave his best pal home freezing in her dog pen while he enjoyed three days in the sunshine? Well, that's exactly what Ol' Dangerous did to me! He left me sitting in the cold and drove off without a backward glance. While he was riding horses in the Washington County sunshine, I was stuck at home breathing polluted air, freezing in my pen. I might be interested in a new best buddy. Anyone out there interested?

Dangerous and Balthazar

Actually, from what Dangerous tells me, I might have been better off at home. It's hard to tell from the picture how big Balthazar really is, but I know firsthand that he is a giant. Dangerous tells me that he had to let his cinch out all the way, and his breast collar was extended to the limit. Bill, who owns Balthazar, was surprised when Dangerous was able to climb on without a leg up or tall rock to stand on.

While his size is impressive, Balthazar's strength and speed is intimidating. Dangerous tells me he rode with two hands while trying to keep this speeding giraffe from getting away from him. According to Dangerous, I would never have been able to keep up. At normal Walking Horse speed, I struggle to maintain the pace, but I guess Balthazar's running walk would have left me in the dust.

The Pine Valley Mountains

As you can see, taking a picture from the back of this giant horse is a bit difficult. Dangerous wanted me to see the Desert Tortoise Reserve with the Pine Valley Mountains in the background, but the beautiful landscape is obscured a bit by Balthazar's ears. According to Dangerous, it was difficult to find a camera angle that didn't include some part of this big horse.

Bill Takes a Rest

Riding Walking Horses at break neck speeds on icy trails can take a bit out of most anyone. As you can see, after a few hours in the saddle, Bill needed a brief nap. While he put Dangerous on Balthazar, his horse Thunder is no slouch. I have followed Thunder before, and understand why Bill needed a rest.

Bill and Thunder

I know it's hard to believe, but there are a few trails in Zion's National Park open to horses. Bill swore Dangerous to secrecy about where this trail is located, so I can't give you a name or tell you how to find it. You probably think it's located outside the park, but you can tell by the scenery that it isn't.

A Horse to Match the Scenery

If you look closely, you can detect a faint smile on Ol' Dangerous' face. Anyone who knows him will tell you it takes a lot to get him grinning from ear to ear. From what I can tell, riding a good Walking Horse in beautiful country comes about as close as anything. Love to hear from you!

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Gloria said...

Wait a minute! I thought you were going down there to WORK. I should have known there would be horses involved.