Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nude Dudes: Tales from the Trail

Every morning, Dangerous gets up at 6:30 AM and joins his aging buddies at the community recreation center to walk, talk, and swim. From what he tells me, there is more than age that distinguishes him and his friends from the younger set using the facility. He loves to tell his hiking and riding buddies about how the current generation takes extreme measures to protect their locker room modesty. According to Dangerous, they basically shower with their swimsuits on and dress under the cover of large towels.

Well, I can tell you firsthand that the Baby Boomer generation doesn't concern themselves about exposing a little skin. I am constantly embarrassed by the brazen, immodest behavior of Dangerous and his buddies when they are in the back country. Utah likes telling the story about how Dangerous embarrassed his former son-in-law while hiking Fish and Owl Creek. Ol' Dangerous and Nature Dan stripped naked at the first deep water hole to swim and bathe while Dangerous' son-in-law politely averted his eyes while the two aging "boomers" enjoyed a refreshing swim.
Always Pump Water up Stream

Whenever hiking or riding with the High Plateau bunch, you must follow one simple rule. "Always pump water up stream!" You never know when a dog or traveling companion will strip down to take a needed bath. There is something about the great outdoors on a sunny day which seems to bring the "nude dudes" out of the bushes.

Nature's Bath Tub

From what I understand, this propensity for nudity isn't limited to Dangerous and his buddies. Get Dangerous started and he will tell you story after story about the nude sun worshipers he has met on the trail. Most recently, Dangerous and his friend Bill met two unlikely skinny dippers while riding Coal Pit Wash in Zion Canyon. What made the encounter memorable and a bit funny was that Dangerous knew the couple.

Scouting for Nudes

After a leisurely lunch, Bill and Dangerous were riding back down the wash to the truck. Dangerous and Rose were leading when Dangerous heard voices in front of them. Not giving it much thought, he rode down the creek finding a couple sitting by the stream in their underwear enjoying each others company in the cool water on a hot spring day. Well, you probably know Dangerous well enough by now to guess what he did. Rather than discreetly riding past, he stopped for a chat. With Rose standing in the stream, he started up a conversation while the couple scrambled to find their clothes. It wasn't long before Dangerous asked, "Is that you Dale, and what are you doing all the way down here?" Needless to say, the man was a bit embarrassed to find Dangerous grinning down at him and his wife from the back of a Walking Horse while they tried to recover their modesty. But as you can imagine, Dangerous really enjoyed the moment.

After Dale introduced his wife to Dangerous and Bill, the conversation immediately turned to horses and saddles. Talking Walking Horses and Fred Hook saddles isn't a good strategy to get Dangerous to move on in a hurry. As I can tell you from past experience, he can wax eloquent for hours on the topic. As they rode off, Bill couldn't help but ask Dangerous if they could ride anywhere without him running in to someone he knows. I am sure that Dale and his wife want to forget they know Dangerous after their chance meeting on the banks of Coal Pit Wash.

Rosie Swims Nude

I have to admit that those deep pools also tempt me. I can understand the attraction of jumping into the water on a hot day especially when you don't think anyone is around. But, as Dale and his wife found out, be careful because you might not be alone, and the person who discovers you may turn your embarrassment in to a tale from the trail.

I have Dangerous keeping a list of other tales that I plan to share with you occasionally. If you have a good story, send me a message or leave a comment, and I will make sure that your tale gets told. Love to hear from you!


Becca Hatch said...

Of course all this nudity makes Sunday dinners a little awkward.

Max said...

I have not had the dubious honor of accompanying Dangerous on one of his outings where skinny dippin' was de rigueur. However, I suppose it turns out OK so long as he can remember to put his clothes back on before returning to civilization... or, by chance, is that unfortunate circumstance what Becca Hatch was referring to in her post?