Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Maynard and Friends

Maynard and Friends
A lot has changed the past 2 ½ years.  Rosie, the original voice of this blog, died of bladder cancer leaving her best buddy Dangerous Doug deeply depressed.  I didn’t get to know Rosie all that well since I was still a pup when she died, but everyone, including me, agreed she was beautiful and smart.  While I think I’m smart, you can judge for yourselves as I try to take her place reporting our High Plateau adventures.

Am I Handsome or What?

Even after three years, Dangerous and his wife Trea are still debating my qualities and shortcomings.  They agree that I was born in Shoshone, Idaho, and joined the family at seven weeks old.  Dangerous tells me I’m handsome, but Trea says I’m scruffy and feral looking.  I think Trea wins this argument based on popular opinion, and the fact that Dangerous always makes me wear a hunter orange vest during deer and elk season.  If I had a tail, I definitely would be mistaken for a coyote.
They do agree on one thing.  I am a “wild thing.”  I can chase a ball for hours and follow a horse all day.  I enthusiastically greet everyone I meet on the trail even the public land managers who believe I should be on a leash.  Can you imagine Dangerous leading me on a leash from horseback?  Because of this ridiculous rule, I have a criminal record which contributes to my reputation.

Wild Thing

We now spend winters in southwestern Utah.  With the change in locations, Dangerous has some new riding buddies.  The first thing they ask is how I got my name.  They always want to know why anyone would name a dog Maynard.  Well, all I know is he named me after Maynard Dixon a famous Southwest landscape artist.  Dixon lived at one time in Mt. Carmel, a small town, on the eastern edge of Zion National Park.  Dangerous’ office walls are covered with prints of his paintings from the 1930s and 40s.

Riding the High Plateau
Dangerous, Me, and Gen

Don’t worry!  We haven’t abandoned the High Plateau country.  We return to Grover in May; and Zion National Park, located on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, is only 40 miles east of us.  By moving here, we have gained many new friends and more trail time.  While it’s snowing up north, we are riding on the desert with Too-Tall Rich, Doc Johnson, Wild Jim, Quiet Robert, and others.  I will introduce you to them  as I blog along.

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Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

So sorry to hear about Rosie. She is missed. But a dog named after the great Maynard Dixon has to be a real colorful guy. Glad you guys are back!