Monday, April 3, 2017

Running Water

When it Rains it Pours

Have you ever seen rain pouring off the cliffs in canyon country?  Ol' Dangerous Doug isn't one to stay at home when the weather is threatening.  However, I do know he won't ride in the wind, but rain and snow usually don't discourage him.

About a month ago, we had company from Rexburg, Id, and they wanted to see Zion National Park.  It was raining in St. George when we left and the Virgin River was roaring between its sandy banks.  I figured the day would be a bust.  A quick drive over and back with a few stops at the road side overlooks.  Well, even a sheep dog like me can appreciate what we got to experience first hand.  Water pouring into the canyon off every cliff. 

Water and Clouds Everywhere

Unlike most days, the park was relatively uncrowded due to the wet, cold weather.  But those of us who ventured out got to see a tremendous show.  Everywhere you looked water was pouring from the cliffs.  The "smokies" had to close the Zion Narrows to hikers because there was so much water, making it unsafe to hike.
Water in Motion

While the water falls brought the park alive, we all had to suffer while Dangerous related his stories about getting caught in flash floods while hiking the Escalante River (Grand-Stair Case National Monument).  He related three life threatening adventures about waking up with water falls cascading over his head while sleeping under an overhang.  Maybe I can relate those experience to you second hand sometime in the future.  For now, I thought you would enjoy seeing how one force of nature, pouring water, helped carve one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Carving a New Canyon

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Fantastic photos! Yes, please tell the flash flood stories.🤓