Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Place

You are looking at my base of operations. From here, we launch all of our wilderness adventures. My human buddies got the cabin free from a friend and spent a great deal of time and money putting it back together. It was worth the time and expense because it has become the gathering place for those who love the Colorado Plateau. It is a real diverse group of horsemen and hikers who spend their time on the porch discussing past and current adventures. The hikers and horsemen mix casually with a minimum of conflict. Only those who are involved in motor sports might feel a bit uncomfortable. Even a few of those who ride "crouch rockets" and "um-ums" have spent time on the porch. However, their preferred means of transportation are not welcome at our small, motor free zone. This time of year you will find us huddled around the stove reviewing last years adventures and planning the upcoming riding and hiking season. Stay tuned and I will introduce you to some of the characters who spend their time solving the worlds problems on our porch.

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