Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dinner Time In Grover

I wouldn't call the Grover Squat and Gobble a four star establishment, but no one ever goes away hungry. When "Dutch Oven Doug" plops one of his creations in the middle of the table, stand back. Dangerous has only two rules. Dinner guests must keep one foot on the floor at all times and clean up their plates. That's where I come in. I always lie under the table and catch any delectable tidbits that miss a dinner guest's mouth. It's also a great place to beg treats. For the uninitiated, it's surprising what a wet nose will produce when stuck in someone's crouch. It's especially effective with the more refined visitor not use to a little sheep dog hair in their entree.

Fish and chicken are rarely served at the Grover Squat and Gobble. You get your basic food groups beef, pork, and cheese. The beef is always well marbled and grilled to your particular taste which means Dangerous cooks it his way. Pork comes in a range of cuts, varieties, and thicknesses. You get bacon, ham, or sausage for breakfast, and dinner might be ribs, pork chops, or a roast. Occasionally, Dangerous will cook dutch oven lasagna, but you can rest assured he will mix in a lot of high quality Italian sausage smothered in cheese. For the health conscious, a small salad is usually served on the side with fat free dressing.

We don't get many complaints about the food. At least they don't complain in Dangerous' presence. If the high fat, 4000 calorie meals don't kill you, he might if you complain about the food. Dangerous tells me that you can cook anything that will fit in a dutch oven, and the key to his "driveway delights" is plenty of cheese. I guess I am lucky that a 55 lb. sheep dog won't fit in one of his ovens, or I might end up on the menu one night.

It's surprising what happens to dinner guests who are trying to watch their diets and waistlines. They spend time telling us that they weigh the same as high school, and how their wives and doctors have them avoiding fat and calories. You can't believe their change in attitude when Dangerous pops the lid on one of his creations. Wives and doctors are soon forgotten as they dive in and ask for seconds. I have never seen anyone pass up a second helping of raspberry cobbler.

As you can tell from the pictures, my favorite part of dinner is doing the dishes. I am a big help when it comes time to scouring out the dutch ovens. Dangerous is real particular about cleaning his ovens. He says that soap ruins the seasoning, but a little sheep dog drool helps season the pot.

Well, if you are in the area, dinner is usually served around 7:00 PM. Depending on whose their, you might even get a drink or two during happy hour. Drop me a comment, and I will try and get you a reservation at the Grover Squat and Gobble.


Max said...

Thanks, Rosie. Three cheers to the real "galloping" gourmet. An absolutely perfect description of the the "squat and gobble" approach to haute cuisine.

Anonymous said...

We are pretty easy and will take any open reservation! I'm delighted when asked to enjoy such fine company and cooking. Lefty, who is now called lucky, very lucky, could get into helping with the dishes.

Me in a nutshell (heavy on the nut!) said...

Would you be sure to take good care of Bob? He looks pretty tired! Thanks! (Bob's daughter Amy)