Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dangerous' obsession with the past confuses me. He tells me all the time, "that you have to know where you came from to know where you are going." I am a pretty bright sheep dog, but that doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe you catch his drift, but all I need to know is where I am right now.

Occasionally, someone will ask him why he spends so much time riding, hiking, and hanging out with me. They invite him to play golf or join in some social activity. He politely tells them that golf doesn't interest him, and he doesn't have time to socialize. However, if they ask about his interests, he will spend hours telling them about the High Plateau and where he rides and hikes. One way or another, he will end up showing them a bunch of old black and white photos about his past. It doesn't take long before I'm asleep at his feet, and his trapped audience is looking for an escape route. If you get caught, have an escape plan because he can drone on and on for hours about places that don't exist anymore or people long dead.

Let me give you an example. Dangerous loves to talk about his first horse. From what I understand his first horse was a pretty bay mare he bought after graduating from Utah State. But to hear him tell it, he has been riding his entire life. Well, I know from the pictures that all he actually had to ride as a kid was his Grandpa Tom's donkey. Wouldn't you be a bit embarrassed to show people a picture of yourself at age 13 riding a jackass? As you can see, Grandpa Tom had a nice looking horse and saddle, but he kept the donkey around for the grand kids to ride. About all you can conclude is that Dangerous came by his interest in horses honestly.

I really get tired of hearing about Grandpa Vic's sheep camp. His grandfather did run a small herd of sheep at the mouth of American Fork Canyon. However, Dangerous' only involvement was having an Easter egg hunt every spring with Grandpa Vic and Grandma Lenora while they tended their small flock. Dangerous doesn't share my fondness for sheep, but he learned to love being outside at that sheep camp. We pass the spot every time we drive up American Fork Canyon to ride.

If you want real nostalgia, let Dangerous tell you about his first fish. Long before my time, Dangerous' dad took him fishing on the waste ditch. You can guess why they called it the waste ditch, but that didn't matter they fished it anyway. Today, the waste ditch runs through an industrial area that is completely inaccessible. However, when Dangerous was five, you could reach it from his Grandfather's farm. The farm is gone, but the memories of fishing with his father still run deep.

Well, maybe you have some memories you can share with me. I might understand better why Dangerous is Trapped-in-the-Past if others have similar feelings. Let me know because I love to hear from you. By the way, can you pick Dangerous out in the pictures? I will give you a hint. He's wearing his ever present ball cap, so don't mistake him for the long eared fellow.

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Me in a nutshell (heavy on the nut!) said...

Speaking of stories and fish.... Ask Bob about the time we all had Margaret convinced we'd won the prize for the biggest fish in the fish contest- we won a years worth of dog food. She finally got suspicous when we #1, had no fish to bring home, BUT #2, that was because it was too big to fit in the car.....