Sunday, June 28, 2009

Politically Incorrect

After my last blog entry, I told Dangerous that he needs to remember this is my blog. When he read back to me what he had typed, I thought he got a bit preachy. You have to remember I dictate and he types. Since I can't read, write, or type Dangerous sometimes includes stuff without me knowing. This time I made him read back everything he wrote before I pushed the send button.

You probably already know by now that the High Plateau bunch includes an interesting and diverse group of characters. They range from devout, practicing Mormons to outright heathens. One thing they all share in common is their attitude towards political correctness. They basically poke fun at everything and everyone. Stiff-necked, self-righteousness isn't tolerated in Grover.

Swedish American Indian

For example, an occasional visitor shows up wanting to share their conversion story to Native American religion or culture. Frequently, they even adopt an Indian name such as "Morning Star" or "Buffalo Snorting." Even with their pale Scandinavian skin, red hair, and Lutheran upbringing they decide to go native. Well, the Grover Boys have great respect for Native American cultures and religions, but little patience with "new age" conversions. They realize they can't shake their European or Scandinavian ancestry. They aren't practicing Mormons, but they realize their world view was seriously affected by the early religious training their mothers insisted they get. It usually doesn't take long for Dangerous or Utah to seriously injure the newly converted feelings. Utah may wear his Swedish American Indian outfit to get his point across. A piece of red survey tape and turkey feather usually gets a laugh in Grover but not on the reservation.

Give Me Those Matches

To say that Dangerous does not like the Boy Scouts of America is a bit of an understatement. I wasn't around when he was a kid, so I don't know firsthand what happened to him when he was a scout, but I have been with him when we encounter a Boy Scout troop on the trail. Fremont Bob never tires telling the tale about Dangerous meeting a scout troop on the Pleasant Creek Trail a few years back. I was there, so I know the story, but I like Fremont's version best, and like most of his stories, they get better with the telling. While sitting on Dottie, Dangerous asked all the scouts to line up and empty their pockets. Being compliant scouts, they actually lined up in front of Dangerous and Dottie, but their adult leaders immediately wanted to know what this crazy old man, riding the semi-wild horse was doing. He told them that he learned to smoke in the Boy Scouts and wanted all their matches. The scout leaders immediately protested that their boys didn't smoke, but Dangerous told them that he wanted their matches anyway. In a rather impolite way, he explained that the Boy Scouts burned the East Fork of the Bear which was one of his favorite places, and if they burned the High Plateau, he would make sure justice was done. I am sure he left a lasting impression that the scouts and their leaders won't forget as the crazy old coot riding the spinning and dancing mare warned them not to burn his mountain.

Daisy Duke

The Grover Boys don't limit their sarcasm to the educated or mainstream organizations. Everyone and everything is a target including each other. For example, Dangerous is proud of his redneck roots. He loves to tell anyone who will listen how he grew up in a working class family where the truly educated might finish high school but fixed their own pickups, poured their own cement, and built their own houses. As the saying goes, some characteristics skip a generation, and to his father's disappointment all these handy skills went over Dangerous' head. However, he does like to call himself a redneck who went to college. As you can guess, Utah doesn't let Dangerous get away with much. He loves to point out that Dangerous is actually an NPR redneck. At any opportunity, he loves to remind Dangerous how far he is from his redneck roots. Take for example, the picture of Utah wearing his "Daisy Dukes." After a week hiking in Grand Gulch, Utah wanted to show Dangerous what a well dressed redneck wears hiking.

Well, I hope you get my point that the only thing consistent about the High Plateau bunch is their inconsistency. If you get a chance, stop by, but remember to check your ego at the door. Love to hear from you!


Bluester said...


I, for one liked what you had to say under "What's Sacred". Nothing wrong with it at all. I tried three or four times to post a comment, but with each try, I'd insult Senator Orin Hatch, in ways that wouldn't do with the polite company that visits your blog and so, I'd erase. Keep up the good work. I sure enjoy the photos you post. The writing is great too.

By the way, I heard, Orin Hatch has come out of the closet and has told his close friends he's a homosexual. Utah voters need to know.

Golly, I just can't help myself.

Best from Bluester and Fremont

Becca Hatch said...

Anyone who doubts that Orrin Hatch is a homo needs to listen to that new age crap music he's been "composing." That should pretty much answer that.

As far as poking fun- you all mean no harm. Usually.