Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday Night in Grover

My Favorite Spot

I have told you before that my favorite place is under the table. I strategically position myself to catch any stray crumbs or morsels that fall my way, and I get to hear all the interesting stories. Since I don't have a tail, I am not in any danger of having it stepped on, but occasionally, my paws get in the way when someone really stretches for a second helping.

Dangerous Doug's Driveway Delights

I am not sure what attracts dinner guests to Grover. Like all sheep dogs, I really enjoy my food, but I don't take hours to prepare and eat it. I can get anything down in less than three gulps, but Dangerous and his friends spend hours preparing and eating dinner. I can't believe what Dangerous cooks up is all that appetizing. For heaven's sakes, he cooks in the driveway on an old oil drip pan, but you wouldn't know it from the size of the dinner crowd most nights.

Primitive Cooking Utensils

On occasion, Dangerous' Dutch oven cooking gets down right primitive. Take for example, his cowboy beans that everyone seems to like. Refusing to waste anything, he sometimes stuffs too many ingredients in the pot. As you can see, a large, heavy rock works to keep the lid from blowing off. I wouldn't try his technique at home especially if your mother-in-law is coming to dinner. She might be taken back by using a large rock as a cooking utensil.

Dutch Oven Lasagna

Every one's favorite seems to be Dangerous' Dutch oven lasagna. With help, he chops the mushrooms and onions. With more help, he browns three pounds of mild Italian sausage and grates three pounds of mozzarella cheese. Throw in some basil and oregano, add three pounds of cottage cheese, sprinkle with red wine vinegar and you have lasagna for about 12 dinner guests. To save time, Dangerous uses oven ready noodles and lines the ovens with aluminum foil. I like the aluminum foil idea because when he cleans his ovens I get to tidy up the liners before he throws them away. Don't tell anyone, but he also lets me lick the ovens clean. I really like lasagna night in Grover!

Upside-Down Pineapple Cake

Whenever we have company, they usually volunteer to bring something. I really like it when Teri bakes one of her special, sweet treats. Besides Teri's upside-down pineapple cake, Larry and Judy made Dutch oven carrot cake. You can't imagine my delight when a piece of carrot or pineapple cake hits the floor. My best buddy Max was with us last trip, but canine friendship only goes so far when competing for dessert crumbs under the table.

Take What You Want But Eat What You Take

Table etiquette is pretty simple in Grover. The only rules are keep one foot on the floor at all times and eat what you take. As you can see, Dangerous isn't big on fancy table settings. Everyone gets a plate, glass, and silverware. If Utah is around, he monitors closely how many paper plates a dinner guest uses. Sometimes he will let you have an extra plate for your salad, but don't try getting a clean dessert fork. As you probably know by now, Utah is more than frugal. He is straight up cheap! Fortunately for us, he missed lasagna night, so we used as many paper plates and plastic cups as we wanted without feeling a bit guilty.

Yarns and Stories

Once dinner is over, I am ready to stretch out and take a nap. My human dinner companions don't share the same propensity for an after dinner snooze. They start right in swapping yarns and telling tall tales. Larry and Fremont Bob are premier storytellers. I still don't understand what's so funny about a dachshund being bitten by a bear. Whoever heard of someone re-inflating a dog after patching the holes in its sides with a tire kit? Even stranger is the story about the guy in Alaska who gets a ticket for driving too slow. Supposedly his windshield froze over, and he scraped a small hole to see through. While driving slowly down the road, the hole he is looking through goes black. Stopping and rolling down the window he finds a policeman outside his car with his hand over the hole. I guess sheep dogs just don't have a sense of humor. Maybe you can explain to me what makes these stories funny? All I can tell you is they never stop while having dinner in Grover.

Well, I am not sure if it's the food or the storytelling that attracts people to Grover. I suspect the food gets them there, but the stories and friendship keeps bring them back. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by. Love to hear from you!


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Anonymous said...

The food for sure! The conversation is the BONUS, as is an evening with friends, new and old.