Friday, September 11, 2009

"Grover Boyz" Picnic 2009

Utah and Dangerous

Fifty-five brave souls ignored threatening weather to eat and socialize at Wildcat Guard Station. Snug and dry in my dog pen I watched Utah and Dangerous serve up hamburgers, hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, and homemade cookies to friends and family. Ignoring the cold, rainy weather most everyone stayed until dark enjoying food, conversation, and music. If you missed this year's Labor Day picnic, mark your calendar because the "Grover Boyz" plan to do it again next year. It may become the High Plateau social event of the year!

Shucking Corn

An odd collection of kids, family, friends, and dogs camped for three nights to help the "Grover Boyz" prepare the picnic. Seven dogs and five kids discouraged others from camping next to us. Other hopeful campers looking for a quiet spot stopped but didn't stay long after seeing all the kids and dogs roaming about. Frequent dog poop patrols were required to keep the kids from tracking it into the trailers and sheep camp.

Dogs and Kids Welcome

As usual, Utah and Dangerous were in rare form. They started the program with their usual stand-up comedy routine. Fortunately, their comments were brief, and focused only on two riding buddies who constantly give them grief. Dangerous' musical performance is probably why his wife Trea chose to go rafting with her brother in Wyoming rather than attend the picnic. She knows her husband can't sing a lick, and didn't want to suffer further embarrassment. Even 500 miles away, I am sure she felt a tinge of shame as Dangerous made a fool of himself.

Utah and Dangerous Recite and Sing

Those who braved the weather and stayed got to hear local talent perform. After eating their fill, out came the guitars, banjo, and concertina. While the conversation continued in the background, music filled the mountain air.

Wildcat Singers

At dark, the party broke up with most everyone driving back down the mountain to their homes. But, a few lucky ones chose to stay and moved across Highway 12 where the fun continued. Sunday night found Utah's and Dangerous' families and a few hardy friends gathered around a roaring camp fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. The kids and dogs rolled in the dirt while the adults sat around the fire sharing stories and trading their usual, good natured insults.

The Fun Continues

To thank everyone individually who helped or attended isn't possible in the space available. Many family members and friends volunteered time and prepared food to make the picnic a success. I have included a few pictures of those who helped.

John, Lindsay, Theo and Assorted Dogs
(Thanks Lindsay for the Video)

Dangerous, Chris, Lisa, Bryan, Aspen Too, and Ashley

Utah, Aspen Too, Theo, Kay, Preston, and Powder
(Great Cookies Kay!)

Remember, pencil in the "Grover Boyz" Labor Day picnic for next year. We plan to repeat the event at the same location. Hopefully, the weather will be better. I would love to hear about your experiences visiting with family and friends. I will pass your comments along to Dangerous and Utah so they can make next year's gathering even more fun and entertaining. Love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a the good food and fun. We will definetly be down for another picnic next year. We had a blast. xoxoxox Angie, Daniel and rugrats + 1 princess!

The Barratt Fam said...

That was the most fun we have had in a long time! Being with all the people we love, outdoors and good food! My kind of heaven...
We love you
John, Lindsay, Preston, Theo, Berkley(BARKLEY) and Aspen.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next year, already! A spring picnic would be welcomed, too...just a thought... Lefty may be well mannered enough to attend. All your families and friends made the event most enjoyable. I thought the weather was perfect, what's a picnic without rain and ants!
Clark & Teri

Jay Banta said...

Dammit Doug! I sure wished I was there! I hate it when this work stuff get in the way. Ah well, it will not be an issue next year so count on me. Sound like there was not lack of levity, insults, and political "incorrectness." Just my kind of gathering! There are few gathering where I behave like my social role model, Commedian Lewis Black and am still welcomed back! See you on the front porch soon.