Thursday, September 3, 2009

There is A Lot to be Said About Walking

While Dangerous and I are wandering all over the West, Teri and her dog Lefty step out their back door into a wild, beautiful world. They don't have to look far to find adventure. Ever adventuresome Lefty may find more than he bargained for at the bottom of a badger hole. You won't find me sticking my nose into a place it doesn't belong. I plan to keep my nose attached to my face.
Walking with Lefty

Up to His Shoulders in Trouble

Teri shares:

"I’ve done my share of hiking, camping, fishing, riding and one 3 day backpack in the Grand Gulch. I’ve hiked the Southern Colorado Mountains, near Trinidad, the Rockies, my favorite being Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake of the Ozarks State Park, loop trails near Wilmington, Delaware, beach trails in Rehoboth beach, all up and down the California Coast, my favorite, Fort Bragg, Lake Tahoe area, a couple jungle hikes in Panama and all the trails in Capitol Reef.

Master Lefty says, well that all changed when I came into the picture, because even well mannered dogs, such as myself, are not allowed to hike in National Parks, even with leash on. My entire back yard is dog friendly, and an abundance of wildlife. I snagged my first bunny, chased down bucks, though never caught up with them, lizards galore, dens in the big black rocks, some day I’ll know what lives in them, getting close to the pit on one special dig, nesting birds, butterflies, crickets, one snake, my mistress save me from that one! I insist we walk every day, sometimes twice a day. Most of the time I even come when my mistress whistles, only if I’m not preoccupied, she has had to drag me away from interesting things in the past, probably in the future. There is so much to explore, the mornings are different than the evenings, the lighting changes everything, sometimes, a camera in hand is useful. Although I do get to go in the car and pickup Maynard, my best buddy for a swim at my favorite pond, mostly we just walk in our backyard. The scenery is awesome, and there are miles and miles begging to be explored. She hasn’t worn me out yet, I love to take walks with her, and the bonus is she is getting in shape, can almost keep up with me!

I agree, why drive miles to take a hike when I can just look out from my back porch and decide which way are we going today, and no roads or leashes allowed.

Thanks to Rosie for inviting me to be a guest blogger!"

Here are a few pictures from Teri and Lefty's backyard. As you can see, they don't have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors.

Dangerous tells me that Teri and Clark are the two best cooks he knows on the High Plateau. Since I have to wait in the truck while they dine, I have to take his word for it. Maybe one of these days Dangerous will sneak me a helping of smoked pork ribs or oven roasted leg of lamb. I will let you know if their cooking stacks up with the left-overs I get to sample on occasion. Teri, Clark, and Lefty live in Teasdale; and Dangerous, Utah, Fremont Bob, Bronze-Age-Man, and many others are regular dinner guests.

Remember, the "Grover Boyz" picnic is Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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