Thursday, May 19, 2011

OH, Boy!!! What Now?

They Will Miss Her

Starting June 3, there will be some changes around the northern Utah location of Parasite Ranch. Dangerous' wife Trea is retiring after 23 years of teaching. I am watching closely to see what changes occur in our lives. Will Dangerous and I continue our endless ramblings or will we be spending more time at home? Since Trea is very independently minded, I suspect that she will be doing her own thing while Dangerous and I continue to wander the High Plateau.

Honoring 23 Years of Service

How do you commemorate 23 years of selfless service to other people's children? Well, of course, you give them another tchochke to add to their collection! Even better, you have colleagues, friends, family, and former students show up to thank the lucky retiree personally. And, show up they did!

Ben, Trea, and Dangerous

I wasn't allowed to attend the gathering. Some odd rule about no dogs at school, but Ben and Dangerous turned out to support their mother and wife. As you can see, Ben and Trea appear really happy, but the old curmudgeon has some doubts about this big change. Since Trea has spent the past 23 years working 10 hours a day seven days a week at school, Dangerous and I have had the run of the place with little or no supervision. I think the look on his face may reflect his concern about sharing the house again with someone besides me, and the anticipated supervision that he expects to receive.

Close Friends

It isn't possible to include pictures or mention by name all Trea's friends who stopped at the school or sent cards and gifts to congratulate her. There were many who turned out, and this picture of Fawn and David was the best one taken by Dangerous so I included it to represent everyone who made the effort.

Angie, Courtney, Porter, and Trea

For generations of students, Trea's small, cramped special education classroom has been a haven for those she taught to read and write and other students who just enjoyed a reassuring visit. Porter's grandpa (Utah Jack) won't have to wait so long next year to pick him up after school because he won't be stopping in Trea's room for a hug and a treat. What won't change are the frequent interruptions when Dangerous and Trea go out to dinner. From what I am told, they have never finished a meal without one of Trea's former students coming to the table to give her a hug and update her about their lives. When you haven't seen someone in 10 or 15 years, filling in the details of marriage, job, and children takes a while to complete.

Theo, Trea, Preston, and Lindsay

There will still be a lot of kids in Trea's life. Fortunately for her and Dangerous, they have a large extended family who has adopted them. Utah Jack has generously shared all his grandchildren with them for years, and I expect the tradition to continue. She will also probably occupy her time interacting with Ben and Michelle's family, and don't forget her volunteer work. She will be back at Barratt Elementary next year helping her friend Bonnie and probably everywhere else a kid needs help.

Wish us luck in Trea's retirement. I am sure Dangerous will need it. Love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Give Trea my best wishes on her retirement. Having been married to a long-time teacher, I know the time and energy it takes to do the job well. That is especially true when you love the kids and cannot imagine doing anything less than helping each one to achieve his or her very best. I know Trea has earned a well-deserved rest and the opportunity to pursue whatever interests her heart desires. It would probably be appropriate for you mention to Trea that she now has the opportunity to assist Dangerous in finding his best. However, I really do want her to enjoy her retirement, so maybe you'd better just let that thought go.

Spencer Woolston said...

Rosie, I heard about your blog from Dangerous today. I found it entertaining to read your view of things. Dangerous is sure a nice guy.

Spotted Doggies said...

Hi Rosie, we just found your blog and we like it. We're working dogs, like you, though only in theory. We live at the Spotted Dog Ranch, but right now we're in Torrey, visiting. Tomorrow we'll go up to Grover and see if you left any biscuits or old bones laying around. If we find any, we'll leave you something cool in exchange, like maybe a gourmet peanut butter chewy from Moab (we prefer old bones). We think you have a pretty good life, considering. Blueeze (Weezee), Cassie, Moki, and Zane

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Hope all is well. Great job.