Thursday, August 6, 2009

High Plateau Monsoon

Stormy Weather

You won't find me sitting on the porch watching the rain come down if there is thunder in the air. Look for me behind Dangerous' chair where I wait out the storm. Most of the time I am a brave sheep dog, but not during the High Plateau monsoon season.

Waiting out the Storm

When we are on the mountain, the only place I have to hide is between Dangerous' legs, and you can tell from my expression that I smell ozone. Thunder doesn't seem to bother Dangerous like it does me. I hear him counting the seconds between thunder claps trying to estimate the distance of the lightning. Years of trail experience has taught him that the back of a horse is not the place to be during a thunder storm. With the first clap of thunder, Dangerous, Utah, and Fremont are looking for a low spot below the rim to shelter us. Even I know to avoid the tall Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Firs that show the ill effects of lightning strikes with burns from crowns to roots.

LG Unconcerned

One member of our group never seems bothered by the weather. LG just puts his head down and starts eating. He doesn't mind getting wet as long as he can fill his belly. He figures we have just stopped for lunch ignoring rain, thunder, and lightning. LG is always hungry, but by the look of him, I think you can tell he hasn't missed many meals. I guess you can say the same thing about Utah Jack.

Hunkered Down

If you can't ride, you can always eat. Fremont Bob Found a comfortable spot in the rocks to wait for someone to pass him a sandwich. Fremont wasn't the only one with lunch on his mind. The buck in the picture was trying to catch a quick bite when we disturbed him. Between us and the storm, he hurried off to find a quieter lunch spot.

Moving On

High Plateau thunder storms pass quickly. Before you know it, the sun is out, the birds are singing, and everything smells fresh and clean. Cinches are soon tightened and we head down the trail. Love to hear from you!

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