Friday, August 21, 2009

What's on the menu? Not me; I hope!

Observations of Lamb Chop

Check the sheep camp fridge and you will find all kinds of stuff to eat. From their pictures, you can tell the Grover Boys travel on their stomachs. There is hamburger, bacon, chicken, salami, roast beef, and an occasional steak. The only cut of meat you won't find is lamb. Since I joined this merry group of back country travelers, lamb is no longer a menu choice.

Not Me Please!

Even Dangerous' best buddy Rosie worries a bit about ending up on the grill. Take a close look at Utah Jack's eyes. You can easily tell that he isn't a man to trifle with at meal time. You can also tell that he doesn't miss many meals. Even Rosie tries to endear herself to the cook. The sheep camp has three separate stoves, and Utah Jack knows how to use them. I rather doubt that Rosie's act of submission will help if Utah is hungry enough which he almost always is. Anyone could end up on the grill!

A Carnivore Digesting

Talk about tempting fate. Can you believe a cow joined us for dinner on Labarge Creek? You might think I am brave traveling with three constantly hungry carnivores, but Number 47 is about the bravest cow I ever met. While camped at the headwaters of the Grey River, Number 47 wandered into camp and joined us for dinner. She is lucky that she didn't become dinner. The smell of sizzling hamburger didn't seem to bother her one bit. You never know. She might have smelled a close relative sizzling on the grill and wanted to check it out. With her around, I didn't have to worry about my constantly hungry companions turning their attention to me. As you can tell, once a lazy carnivore fills his belly he turns his attention to digestion. For awhile Number 47 was safe, but was tempting fate standing that close to the grill.

Snack Anyone?

It isn't just Dangerous and Utah that I have to keep an eye on. As you know, Rosie is a sheep dog with very eclectic tastes. She prefers anything hot off the grill, but doesn't limit herself to prepackaged WalMart meats. When pressed, she will take her protein anywhere she can find it. Her choices include bees, flies, and other bugs snapped fresh form the air. Even though we are friends, I have to keep a close eye on her.

Bear Bait

I can't even take a short walk to stretch my legs without worrying about becoming some one's dinner. The largest and most feared Wind River carnivore dropped this fresh pile of manure not 50 feet from the sheep camp. Dangerous really wants a bear picture, and these fresh steamy droppings tell me he just missed his chance. I am a bit afraid that he might be using me for bait. It's enough to worry about becoming dinner for my traveling companions, but now I have to fear becoming a snack for a local predator.

Happy Family

Actually, I shouldn't complain that much. It's in their best interest to treat me well. Rosie needs a sheep to herd occasionally, and Dangerous needs the government to believe that his sheep camp is a legitimate tax deduction. Without me, Rosie has no purpose in life, and Dangerous could face serious problems with the IRS.

Love to hear from you!

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Becca Hatch said...

I haven't been able to eat lamb in decades. We Barratt kids bottle fed a bum lamb named Tinkerbell for a couple of months, turning him in fat and happy to Grandpa Judd, who then turned him back to us in the form of "Chops." All carefully labeled with his name so that there would be no confusion as to what and WHO we were eating.