Saturday, August 1, 2009

Labor Day Picnic


The “Grover Boyz” First Annual End O’ Summer/Opening Fall Social

Who: YOU! Big or small – Short or tall. Y’ALL COME!

What: Picnic and Hootenanny. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Carn-on-the Cob, Watermelon, and Pop all provided.

When: Saturday, September 5, 2009 – 4:00 PM ‘till Dark.

Where: U.S.F.S Wildcat Guard Station on Boulder Mountain. Drive 10 miles south of Grover on SR 12.

Why: Because we like you!

B.Y.O.B: Bring your own banjo or other musical instruments and maybe a folding chair or two.

If you go out in the woods today, You’d better not go alone.

It’s lovely out in the woods today, But safer to stay at home.

For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain, because today’s the day the “Grover Boyz” have their picnic


801-362-4874, or

We wish to thank our participating sponsors including the Grover Squat and Gobble, the Parasite Ranch, S & M Toorz, Crippled Horse Consulting and Outfitting, Lil’ Buddy Budget Burials, the Happy Chicken Egg Ranch, Backyard Bronze, and Rosie’s Blog (Ride the High Plateau,

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Max said...


Thank your so much for the invitation to the Grover Boysz Labor Day picnic. There's nothing I'd like more than attending what I know will be the capstone event of the summer social season, but I just can't swing it. In my place, I'm sending the following story I heard about the adventures of that beloved band of high mountain ramblers. I can't vouch for its content. It may well be a complete prevarication for all I know. However, it sounds like something Fremont might want to repeat for those in attendance, true or not!

“Bearding the Lion”

A band of jolly rovers from out of Carcass Creek
Had been ranging on the Boulder, for nigh onto a week.
They’d built ‘em up a campfire to cook a little stew
When suddenly the horses all started up a hue.

They crow hopped in their hobbles and whinnied to the wind.
The boys looked out into the night, as Utah scratched his chin.
“You reckon what has got’em spooked?” eyes glinting in the pyre.
“Likely just a coyote.” As he stoked the supper fire

“You’re prob’ly right,” said Dangerous, “But we gotta take a peek.
It’s a long walk back without a horse, it’ll likely take a week.”
“Well I surely would be glad to go.” said Fremont with a smile
“But my joints have sorta stiffened up, I’ll have to stretch a while.”

“Now Dangerous, I would surely go, but I’d hate to burn this stew.”
Said Utah with an impish grin, “I guess that leaves just you.”
Ole Dangerous snorted like a bull an leapt onto his feet
And started for the horses, his destiny to keep.

He had only made a step or two when there came an awful yowl.
A big cat from the high plateau was on his nightly prowl.
Dangerous stopped and swallowed hard, “Boys, hand me up my gun.
I’ll show that cat just who’s the boss and put him on the run.”

“You go on and do just that.” Fremont said with solemn face
“But let me offer sage advice, might help you win the race.
If you get him cornered and he acts a might contraire
You’ll want to take off both your boots and wave them in the air.”

“Why, Fremont, have you lost your mind? What in heaven for?
Waving boots to scare that cat will get my britches tore.
He’ll be on me like white on rice and leave me scratched and bit,
A bona fide gold-plated fool, just short a full packed kit.”

“Now, Dangerous, you’ve done missed the point. Your boots won’t scare that cat.
But you ain’t changed your socks this week, we’ll all agree to that.
So when you wave your boots around, he’ll get a whiff right soon.
You’ll be lucky not to kill him, I’m pretty sure he’ll swoon.

Then you can grab him by the tail and drag him outta sight.
He’ll probably wake by morning, no worse off for the fight.
You’ll have done a noble deed and saved our little band
And aired your boots to bargain – and that we all could stand.”

Ole Dangerous looked at Fremont and slowly closed one eye.
As he turned and started for the stock, he let a heavy sigh.
“Your lucky I don’t shoot you, or at least knock out a tooth.
And I would too, but for the fact, it’s just the cussed truth!”