Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl!
Dangerous has always had a weakness for long legged girls with dark wavy hair and beautiful brown eyes, and I guess that is a good description of Gennie.  Her registered name is Oldies Secret Agenda or as we call her "Gen-Gen."
I was lying in my usual place when Dangerous found her online.  I noticed immediately a change in his behavior and knew at once he was looking at something inappropriate for a man his age.  After two trips to Dubois, Wyoming, once to meet Gen and another to bring her home, I am recommending that Trea seriously restrict his computer privileges.  That's all we need around here is another Walking Horse, and a young three year old filly to boot.  What's wrong with this old man?

 Gennie and Dangerous on Boulder Mountain

The Box Hanging Three Ranch is located in Dubois, Wyoming on the Wind River.  It is 1,200 acres of pastures and hay fields all devoted to raising some of the best mountain bred Walking Horses you will ever see.  I didn't get to make the trip, but I have listened to Dangerous discuss in glowing terms the ranch and its 80 year old owner Sylvia.  Walking Horse Bill bought a horse from Sylvia and her husband almost 20 years ago, and I suspect that's where Dangerous go the idea.  Sylvia runs a no nonsense operation with her husband and training staff.  The horses are all excellent quality and receive at least one year of professional training before they are sold.

Box Hanging Three Ranch
Gen-Gen looks a bit small standing next to her trainer Eric, but you need to know Eric is 6' 6" tall.  Gen is a 15-3 bay filly.  As a young three year old, you can expect her to grow another two to three inches in height.  If she reaches maturity at 16-1 (65 inches at the withers), I'm not sure how Dangerous will climb aboard.  When he rides Gennie now, I watch him struggle to get on.  He always has to get her to stand quietly on his downhill side or in a low depression so he can reach the stirrup and throw his arthritic leg over the cantle.  Maybe he will have to attach a rope ladder to his saddle, or heaven forbid use a three step mounting block.
Dangerous, Sylvia, Gennie, and Eric
While her size is impressive, what really sets Gen apart is her great disposition.  According to Dangerous, she is the sweetest horse he has ever owned.  Give me a little time, and I will change her  good nature.  Unfortunately, I may never get the chance because Gen's one obvious flaw is that she hates dogs.  She has already tried to kill me, so from now on I plan on giving her a wide berth.
Next Generation
While picking Gen up, Dangerous, Utah Jack, and Dennis got to see the next generation of Walking Horses born at the Box Hanging Three Ranch.  Two foals were born shortly before they stopped to collect Gen for her long ride back to Utah.  I am surprised Dangerous didn't bring the two foals and their mothers with him.  Not enough room in the horse trailer I suspect.  As you probably can tell, he is a real sucker for anything with four legs.  Too bad he doesn't share the same feelings toward two legged critters.
Sweet Baby

As he tells it, Gennie is his last horse.  According to my calculations, she will reach maturity about the time he enters the old folk's home.  She will be 13 when Dangerous turns 76 if he lives that long, and Gen will still have many good years left when he turns 80.  Anyone interested in committing to giving Gen a good home in the not too distant future?  Between now and then, I am sure Gen will wear out a lot of horse shoes riding the High Plateau. 


Gloria said...

Dear Rosie, Welcome back to the blogging world. That was one long dry spell, but I see what you were up against. What's this about a new house? I'd better check with Doug on that one. Sorry you and Gennie don't get along. She is certainly a beauty. When do we get to hear about that "new additions to the family" part? Soon I hope.

Gloria said...

Oh, I get it! The new addition is Gennie!! Took me awhile.

Dipsy said...

I recognize Cave Falls. Just downstream are rock shelves full of trout eager for the dry fly.