Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Better than the Emmy's:  I Get My Own Cookie!

As you may know, every Labor Day Weekend the "Grover Boyz" have their annual picnic at Wildcat Guard Station.  What you might not know is this year I was the featured celebrity, and I was honored with something more special than an Emmy Award.  I got my own signature sugar cookie!

Honorary Picnic MC and Most Honored Guest
Every upscale event honoring celebrities must have a master of ceremonies.  This year's honorary MC was Aspen Dangerous' niece who I am coaching to get her to offer up high praise and plenty of platitudes for the picnic's most honored guest -- me, Rosie.  Aspen's father was a bit put off by events leading up to her role at the picnic.  He caught Dangerous and me teaching her to hug trees.  Having a "tree huger" in the family didn't sit well with her dad, but we took great pleasure in refining her environmental education a bit.
Event Producers
They may not look like successful Hollywood producers, but Utah Jack and Dangerous Doug have been putting on their annual Labor Day weekend event for four years now.  It isn't their charm and pleasing personalities that get family and friends to gather every year at Wildcat Guard Station (58 unfortunates this year not counting dogs), but the free food.  A change in menu may be necessary next year to keep attendance up.  All you can eat hot dogs and cheese burgers will bring them out only so long.  Utah Jack believes we should change the menu next year to cheese burgers and hot dogs for a change of pace.  What do you think? 
 Unexpected Celebrities

Like most celebrity events, the "Grover Goyz'" picnic usually attracts some visiting superstars.  While there wasn't a red carpet, we did have the pine-cone walkway.  A lucky photographer captured this picture of two minor celebrities a bit beyond their prime showing off the latest High Plateau fashions.  I think the one on the left might be a tall Danny Devito, but I am not sure about the other guy.  Maybe it's Tom Cruze?  He has that crazed Scientology look in his eyes, but who knows for sure with all the famous people milling about.  Maybe you can identify them for me?

"Grover Boyz'" Band
No High Plateau event is complete without music.  For want of a better name, I am calling this impromptu group of budding musicians the official "Grover Boyz'" Band.  Some of them can actually play, but not the guy who you might recognize as Fremont Bob on the fiddle, or in his case, the "squawk box."  If you look closely, you will notice he is standing a bit apart from the others in the ensemble.  The other musicians insist on an appropriate distance so they can stay on key. 
Celebrity Cookie Designer
Without our celebrity designer, Rebecca, the picnic honoring me would have been a bust.  From what I understand, she searched long and hard to find a sheep dog cookie cutter, and tried many sugar combinations to match my beautiful red coat.  I think she got it just right minus the dog hair that usually floats around me wherever I go.  Maybe it's time for a visit to the groomer.  Love to hear from you!


Becca Hatch said...

Don't worry... I mixed the dog hair right into the dough.

Gloria said...

Obviously we missed a great event!