Monday, October 29, 2012

Change of Seasons and Locations

In the past, fall has always been a sad time of year at the Parasite Ranch.  October brings out an army of semi-sober hunters packing high-powered rifles that discourages even Dangerous from entering the back country.  Who can blame him when he rides a Walking Horse that might be mistaken for an elk or deer by one of the trigger happy bunch who prowls the edges of the woods on their ATVs?
Every year before we are pushed off the High Plateau for a month, we take full advantage of the beautiful fall weather.  Most people only see the change of seasons from the black top, but not us.  We ride or in my case walk out into the middle of the forest's blazing yellow, orange, and red colors that most people only experience from the windows of their cars.  For us, fall is our favorite season, but we also know that the High Plateau riding season is over, and we will soon move south to the desert.

Gen and Dangerous

As you well know, Dangerous is very possessive of the back country where he rides and hikes.  Ask any public land manager that he regularly harangues with unending complaints and suggestions, and they will tell you that he believes he personally owns the entire High Plateau and surrounding canyon country.  However, he doesn't mind sharing sometimes.  Two of his regular companions this year have been Kent and Dennis who are willing to put up with his unending editorializing about protecting the places he rides to see the beautiful fall foliage from the back of a good Walking Horse. 

Kent and Chief -- Dennis and Rose
Rather than boring you with ongoing commentary, I thought you might enjoy just looking at some of the places we visited this fall.  Who knows?  If you approach Dangerous carefully, he might take you along for a ride.  My sheep dog view is a bit different from what you get to see from the back of a tall horse.
Favorite Lunch Spot
October Ferns
Mt. Timpanogos
The Burning Bush
Fall Maples
 Desert Sunrise
These days October doesn't announce the end of the riding season.  A few weeks ago Dangerous and Utah Jack moved the sheep camp to St. George where we will stay periodically until Trea's house is built.  Once completed, the whole family will spend winters in St. George, expanding the Parasite Ranch to three locations.  Depending on where we are (Grover, American Fork, or Little Valley), you are invited to visit.  Drop me a note and I will get you a reservation.


Anonymous said...

Nice one old man.

-your eldest

Lefty said...

Build it, we will come.
Beautiful Fall Photos.

Dipsy said...

Beautiful country.