Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Memorable Places and Faces

Take a look outside today and all you will see is snow.  The snow and cold really limit what we can do this time of year, so I doze on my dog bed while Dangerous reads.  I dream about our past adventures while Ole Dangerous begins planning new ones.  I have already heard him talking about a backpacking trip in early May on the Escalante River.  I'm sure this trip will be only one of many we take when the weather warms up a bit. While we patiently wait for spring, Dangerous sits at his desk looking at pictures from our past adventures and eagerly anticipating a break in the weather.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the places and faces from our previous trips.

Utah and Iowa -- Dubois, Wyoming
Trip to Pickup "Gennie"
 Definite Signs of Spring
Baby Quail in the Pasture

Cow Elk with Their Babies
Boulder Mountain
May Riding
Zion National Park
Summer Thunder Storm
Boulder Mountain
Lunch Break
Yellowstone National Park
"Grover Boyz'" Picnic
Wildcat Guard Station
Nesting Osprey
Grand Tetons National Park
Anasazai Indian Ruin
Southeastern Utah
Big Buck
Capitol Reef National Park
Bill's Cabin
 Kolob Mountain
Flat Top Mountain
Wind Rivers
A complete review of the past year isn't practical in the space available.  However, I thought you might enjoy seeing in one place some of the many places we visited.  As you can see, all these places are remote and beautiful, and usually can only be reached on foot or by horse.  Here's looking forward to another great year, and many more outdoor adventures.  Happy New Year!!!!!



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beedub said...

Tell me more about this May Escalante trip. Can aging boy-men now saddled with teenagers get in on it?