Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

Pick up any newspaper and you will read about a brave dog performing a heroic act.  In almost every issue, there is a story about some family's faithful dog waking them before everyone is consumed in a raging house fire.  Most of you are familiar with movie stars like Lassie who saves Timmy after he falls down a well, or who can watch the movie Old Yeller without shedding a few tears.  There isn't a dry eye in the theater when Old Yeller is shot after his savage fight with a rabid wolf that threatened his family.  Well, I'm here to tell you that you should celebrate me along with those other famous dogs because I'm the pooch who saved Christmas!

The Grinch
You might think that the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" is a fairy tale, but I'm here to tell you that around the Parasite Ranch it's a historical fact and not a children's story.  Everyone knows how difficult Ole Dangerous can be on a good day, well, you ought to try dealing with him during the Christmas season.  His ill temper shines through like no other time of year.  Wish him a Merry Christmas, and you will get "I hate Christmas!"  Ask him to help decorate the Christmas tree, and he will tell you "I'm not interested!"  Request help putting up outside lights, and you will probably hear "Do it yourself!"  That attitude wouldn't be so bad if he lived alone, but his wife of 43 years loves Christmas.

Rudolph, Trea, and Unidentified Reindeer
A quick look around our humble home will give you an idea about what sparks the annual conflict between Trea and Dangerous.  Wrapped and unwrapped gifts cover every inch of available space.  Christmas decorations are scattered everywhere, and Christmas music is constantly playing in the background.  Max and I have to suffer the indignity of wearing Christmas costumes.  If you can't tell for sure, Max is dressed as Rudolph, and I am suppose to be one of Santa's other reindeer which one I'm not sure.  As you can see, Trea really loves Christmas.

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!!
Without my help, open conflict might completely ruin the holiday season for us.  To restore peace and good will, I used an interesting strategy this year.  First, I reminded Dangerous that it's me and not him that have to wear the silly set of reindeer antlers which usually gets him to crack a slight smile.  Next, I tell him that December is actually his favorite holiday season.  December 21 is the Winter Solstice which means the days are getting longer and spring isn't that far off.  Finally, if all else fails, I tell him that the Mayan's might have been right and the world will end four days before Christmas.  That one really puts a smile on his face, and you think dogs are stupid!

This year I decided to give a few lucky readers a gift from me.  With the help of Dangerous' son Ben, a graphic artist, I designed a High Plateau tee shirt which is free to anyone interested while the supply lasts.  Drop me a comment or contact Dangerous, and I will see that you get one, but you have to act fast before they are all gone.  Merry Christmas!!!!


Dipsy said...

Sign me up--extra large.

Gloria said...

What a deal. Count me in. I'm happy to promote Rosie's blog. Medium, if you have it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, would love a t-shirt, pretty cool, as is the photo of you and Rosie, enjoy ready your Blog and hope to see you soon...I have to comment as anonymous, 'cuz can't get the other to work.
Teri & Clark