Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 Labor Day Picnic

Let me tell you!

Relax and lean back in your chair. It's going to take me a few minutes to tell you all about the "Grover Boyz" Labor Day picnic. Observing from the ground floor, I may have missed a few things, but I believe my dog's eye view captured most of the interesting happenings during the three day event. Since I don't read and write, I have to rely strictly on memory, and it wasn't easy keeping track of 68 people and 14 dogs. As you can imagine, Dangerous, at his age, wasn't much help recalling what went on. While some may disagree, I believe the Labor Day picnic is a lot more fun and entertaining than the Wayne County Fair or Torrey's July 4th parade, but I might be wrong. You judge for yourselves.

The Camp

I know it's hard to believe, but people travel long distances to attend this premier social event. I know at least three guests who drove from Denver to eat hot dogs and hamburgers with the "Grover Boyz." By Saturday morning the flat across from Wildcat Guard Station was crawling with adults, kids, and dogs. With 31 family member, 16 of them children, roaming the campground a lot of time was spent keeping the kids from getting run over or stepping in fresh dog poop.

Four of Many

As you might guess, it was impossible to get a milling pack of 14 dogs together for a group photo. Getting their attention was easy as you can see, but there was so much food around the pack just ran from one victim to another. Since I am a bit brighter than your average dog, I focused my attention on the serving tables. I am the one in the background eagerly waiting for a tidbit to spill. The other dogs weren't that smart. They believed that Utah Jack might share a treat with them from his plate. Fat chance of that ever happening!

Feeding the Guests

At 4:00 PM sharp, the hamburgers and hot dogs were on the grill and the fresh corn was boiling in the pot. It wasn't long before the hungry guests started showing up starved for good conversation and marginal food. It didn't take long for the crowd to fill up on both.

I wonder who they are talking about

The crowd included the usual mix of husbands and wives, cowboys, foundry men, lawyers, locals, comers, friends, friends of friends, relatives, and others. A more eclectic group of eccentrics and odd balls is difficult to find anywhere else but on the High Plateau during Labor Day Weekend. Sitting next to Dangerous is a most interesting character -- a reformed carnivore. You all know him as Fremont Bob, but we had to change his name to Vegetable Bob after his recent conversion. Come on Fremont! Talk about sacra religious -- tofu hot dogs at the "Grover Boyz" picnic!

Children Activities

I guess you wonder what 16 kids do while their parents visit and eat. Well, the picture above gives you a general idea about how much supervision and oversight they actually got. That's probably why most of the kids and dogs didn't want to go home after three days of climbing on rocks and hanging out in the woods. One more day probably would have seen both kids and dogs running permanently feral on the High Plateau.

Uninvited Visitor

For the most part, everyone is invited to the picnic. We are used to the occasional odd ball, but every once in awhile a real strange character wanders into camp. There is no mistaking that Sasquatch actually inhabits the High Plateau. It was bad enough competing with all the other dogs for table scraps, but try scrambling around on the ground with this character for a half eaten hamburger or hot dog. I can tell you first hand that he ate every dropped morsel and scrap that should have gone to me and the other dogs. Besides, he scared hell out of the kids! Parents were up all night comforting their frightened children.

Sleeping Accommodations

The thirty-one people who camped for three nights slept in all sorts of accommodations. Some brought their trailers while others pitched tents. As you know, Dangerous and I share his sheep camp. Probably the strangest abode found on the High Plateau this Labor Day weekend was what we all called the "Jack-in-the-box." Poor Kay thought her extremely cheap boyfriend, Utah Jack, was going to provide a luxury camper or at least comfortable tent for her to sleep in. But, true to form Utah Jack built her a wafer board box with a hay tarp roof for under $25. It was the under $25 that he was most proud of.

Tequila Nights

After a sleepless night listening to the hay tarp rattle in the wind, Kay found a solution. Spend the evening around the campfire drinking margaritas and you avoid a sleepless night in the "Jack-in-the-box." The only problem is rousing yourself in the morning. Wake up Kay or you will miss breakfast? Can I have your bacon, sausage, and ham?

Helping the Elderly

As you might have noticed, the "Grover Boyz" are getting on in years. At their stage of life, getting in and out of their pickup trucks isn't easy for aging seniors. Since they had to haul the barbecue and other equipment from Grover for the picnic, sometimes they needed help unloading their trucks. Thankfully Daniel was available to unload both the barbecue and Dangerous from the back of his truck. Both were safely deposited on the ground without serious injury or damage. I guess you know what that means -- another Labor Day picnic next year.

Get your calendars out and pencil in the "Grover Boyz" picnic for 2011. After reading about the great fun we had, you won't want to miss the next one. As a special treat, Dangerous and Utah have decided to celebrate the centennial a few years early. They thought the centennial would be an incredible event and didn't want to miss it. Thanks again to all those who attended and helped out! Love to hear from you, especially suggestions for the centennial!


Becca Hatch said...

We loved every minute!

Possible suggestions for the centennial include:
1) a swimsuit competition
2) a pie eating contest
3) a costume party
4) square dancing.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I say Yes to 2,3 and 4. This body isn't meant for a bathing suit. Possibly men wearing womens swimwear, best one wins. I'd pay good money to see that!

Becca Hatch said...

Oh. I almost forgot:

5) Dog Olympics.

Jay said...

The social season in Grover is all down hill after such an august event!