Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did he say?

At Rest

What did he say? I believe he said that if I did it again he would shoot me. Take a look at that innocent face. I can't believe that anyone would threaten to kill me, but Dangerous did last week, and I believe he meant it! Well, I am lucky to still be here to tell you what I did. You will have to decide if I deserved the death threats.

Fremont Bob and Nature Dan

We spent all last week riding, hiking, eating, and drinking with Dangerous' buddy Nature Dan. Dan is a liberal, tree hugging pacifist without a mean bone in his body, so why did Dangerous lose his cool and threaten to kill me during his visit. Well, it had little to do with Dan and a lot to do with my herding instincts. From the picture, everyone looks calm and collected. "Hobby" and Little Guy are quietly plodding along while Fremont Bob and Nature Dan enjoy the High Plateau scenery. Too bad you couldn't have taken in the scene a few minutes earlier. While trying to give Dangerous an assist, I was jumping four feet high in the air trying to bite Dangerous' flighty mare Dottie at the base of her tail. I believe Dangerous' mood was adversely affected while he tried to board his spinning, bouncing horse. As you might know, a rider is most vulnerable while mounting up. Without a real firm seat and good rein control, a rider can easily and instantly get unloaded. If Dangerous had taken the time to explain that to me, I might have known better, but threatening to shoot me. I am not sure I deserved that.

Looking for Naked Escalante River Nymphs

Dangerous' recent attitude toward me night be explained because he thinks I may have lost my touch. While hiking along the Escalante River, Dan, Dangerous, and Utah experienced one of those outdoor moments that only happen a few times in an old man's life -- spotting naked women. Female voices alerted us to a group ahead happily splashing in the river. Little did we know that the four or eight, depending on how you count, were enjoying a lovely fall afternoon completely naked. My three hiking buddies are still debating the correct number. In the past, most women make a big fuss over me, but not today. For some reason, the four completely ignored me requiring Dangerous and his two buddies to move on without stopping for a chat. I am not sure it was the chat they were interested in.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Well, whatever the conflict between Dangerous and me, I have to tell you fall is a beautiful time of year on the High Plateau. While the autumn leaves are just getting a good start, the lack of fall colors didn't distract much from the incredible views and scenery. So, if you have time, load up and drive scenic Highway 12. If you have time, stop in Grover for a visit. We will be there because it's time for our annual Walking Horse ride with Bill and friends.

The Doctor is In

Drop in visitors sometimes wonder how to tell if we are home. Well, the answer to that one is pretty easy. If the gate is open, we are there. If both gates are open, then Dottie and Little Guy are with us. Another way to tell is to check for the sign on the porch. Like all upscale professional establishments we have a sign that announces our presence and availability. Thanks to Mississippi Max, all you have to do to make sure Dangerous or Utah is around is to look for the sign.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am now taking selected and pre-approved advertising at a reasonable cost. Again, thanks to Mississippi Max I received another prepaid advertisement that met with my approval. Max is trying to help Fremont Bob out by encouraging more sales at the Happy Chicken Egg Ranch. One of Fremont's specialties is homemade goat cheese. Makes your mouth water and stomach churn just thinking about such a tasty treat. Well, stop by the Bobarosa and try a slice. Get your orders in early for Christmas. Love to hear from you!


Bluester said...

Madison Avenue Genuis. I expect a customer any day. Best from the Fremont and thanks for a job well done.

Me in a nutshell (heavy on the nut!) said...

Love to read your writings!
Amy (Freemont (veggie) Bob's daughter)