Thursday, September 23, 2010

Biking the Wild Kingdom

Two Wheels Turning

First, I need to tell you that I don't get to go biking with Dangerous and his buddies. I know it is hard to believe, but I can't keep up with the old guys on their two wheelers, so I have to give you a second hand account based on what Dangerous tells me. After our last horse riding adventure, I may be banned from that activity too, but that's another story.

Jordan River Blue Heron

The Jordan River Parkway surprisingly provides lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. Since the bike path parallels the Jordan River, Dangerous tells me that he regularly sees herons, geese, ducks, and pelicans. If you can believe him, the other day he supposedly saw a beautiful black mink cross the trail. The Jordan River provides excellent habitat for these small, aggressive predators. In addition to the many birds, there are plenty catfish and carp along with muskrats and squirrels for them to hunt.

Canada Geese

Small flocks of Canada Geese inhabit the many ponds found along the parkway. According to Dangerous, he has watched this mother goose raise her brood to maturity. With a little luck, maybe they will be there next year. We can only hope!

Exotic Birds

Occasionally, Dangerous meets some real interesting characters while riding his bike. As you know, he never passes up an opportunity to talk with the many strange characters we meet on the trail, and this gentleman who was out walking his birds meets all his criteria for unusual. While he didn't get the guys life story, he couldn't pass up the chance to take a picture of the birds crawling all over him. The gentleman agreed to have his picture taken, but required a few seconds to pose his two birds. He wanted the green one's good side to be captured in the photo since the bird is missing its left eye.

Prepared for Action

You might think that Dangerous' outfit is a bit over the top, but I can attest to his need for helmet and gloves. Unlike his fishing outfit, Dangerous isn't interested in projecting style, but protecting himself from his recently acquired grandchildren. Hannah and Blake came into his life when his son Ben married a wonderful woman with two children. Hannah and Blake have added another element of danger to Dangerous' life. Ben warned him that riding with these two can be hazardous to an old man's well being. Dangerous didn't believe Ben until Hannah plowed her bike into Dangerous while he was standing next to the trail enjoying the view. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but I wonder if Dangerous reacted to this crash like he does to the ones I cause. I doubt he called Hannah some of the names he saves for me.

I have decided to add a new feature to my blog -- paid advertisements. Anyone interested in advertising with me can leave a comment with an e-mail address or phone number where I can reach you. Utah Jack was a bit hurt about the attention his Jack-in-the-box received in my last blog and at the Grover Boys picnic. He really believes he has developed a revolutionary product for the camping world, so he purchased an advertisement on my blog. Let me know if you are interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity!

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Anonymous said...

The man you met on the trail with the birds, he was one of our customers at the old AF store. Unusual is putting it mildly. At least we know he loves his pets....

Bluester said...

Here's my order for a L'il Buddy Pop Up Redneck Bungalow. Fact, I'll take two. Best from the Fremont where the gentle breezes of the cooler season are about to waft through the Pinion, Sage, and Rabbit Brush.

PS, I'd like to purchase advertising for my little business. I have a swell sign now, thanks very much to Mississippi Max, and a simple photograph, with Rosie in the foreground, with cartoon words coming out of her mouth, something like "Yep, can't do better" would be a swell endorsement of the fine and quality products from right here at the Bobarosa.

Jay said...

Well, I could make comments about his needing to pay more attention to his biking attire and perhaps finding a mentor to advise him in such things but noooo, I'll be bigger then that!