Monday, September 6, 2010

Fishing Idaho: Henry's Fork

Great Outfit!

You never know what Dangerous will dream up next. Last winter it was cross country skiing. This summer it is fly fishing and bike riding. We will cover bike riding in another post.

He tells me that fishing is something to do when you have time on your hands. Well, I can tell you for sure that since he finally retired this year he has too much time on his hands. I'm not sure what he will dream up next, but I hope it isn't sky diving. Even I have my limits about where I will follow him.

I really think he took up fly fishing because he likes the outfits. He thinks the waders flatter his figure. What do you think?

Family Activity

He told Trea that fly fishing was something that they could do together. How many husbands have used that one on their wives? The way it really works is she stays at the sheep camp wherever he parks it, tending Max and I while he fishes. I doubt Trea believes that this latest endeavor is really a family activity, but she doesn't mind the beautiful scenery. The Tetons provide an excellent backdrop while reading a good book.

Beautiful Places

Hiking and riding takes us to a lot of beautiful places, but you can't ride, hike or bike a big river. Fortunately for Dangerous, Trea's brother lives in the heart of fly fishing country and willingly spent time teaching Dangerous fly fishing fundamentals.


For a guy more familiar with saddles, backpacks, and pickup trucks, I was surprised how well Dangerous took to a whole new set of equipment. The boat was a bit intimidating at first especially when Phil explained to him that he had to stand in the front fishing while Phil rowed. Standing on a wooden platform supported by a an aluminum frame was a bit intimating for a wobbly old man like Dangerous. I was with him recently when he fell flat on his back while trying to wade along the Poesy Lake shore line. The loud splash scared away the fish, and the language that followed as his waders filled with cold lake water drove the other campers, picnickers, and fishermen from the area.

Occasional Reward

For the uninitiated, fly fishing sounds pretty easy, but I can tell you from watching and listening to Dangerous that it is really quite demanding. Maybe I am wrong, and he is just a bit slow. However, I do know that rigging his fly rod, choosing a fly, and untangling the constant mess seemed to tire him out. After a day on the river trying to master nymph casting, he had to rest a full day afterward, and nymphs are only one of the many different fly fishing strategies. I am not sure Dangerous has enough time left to master dry fly and wet fly fishing. Fortunately, Phil told him that 70% of fly fishing involves nymph casting. Check back in a few years and I will let you know if we have made any progress. With expert instruction and great patience from his brother-in-law, Dangerous did catch a few fish. Except for the white fish that he lost because he forgot his net, all the trout were small rainbows. But from the smile on his face, at least I think it's a smile, I believe he has started another hobby.

Catch and Release

Phil teaches English at BYU Idaho, but I am convinced that his true profession is fly fishing guide. Fortunately for Dangerous, Phil is use to teaching freshman university students as well as beginning anglers. In addition to instructing writing and literature, his teaching load includes a fly fishing class. He needed all his pedagogical skills and patience to spend the day instructing Dangerous while they floated and fished the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Stay tuned for my report on the "Grover Boyz" picnic. If you didn't make it, I am sure you will enjoy my upcoming report. Love to hear from you!


Max said...

Let's see... Fly fishing requires patience, precision, attention to detail, quiet... Give Trea the rod and let Dangerous read to book. Just one man's opinion, Rosie, but it seems to be a better fit.

Jay said...


You look like one of those high end dudes I used to check at Seeskadee. If I see you in a Hyde drift boat then I will wonder....