Sunday, January 11, 2009

High Plateau Fashions

I guess I am lucky. Ole' Dangerous pays to have my hair done twice a year to get rid of the burrs and dingle berries. However, these trips to the groomer don't include a change of duds. Traveling the High Plateau, I see all kinds of outfits. These fashion statements usually tell you a lot about the person and their interests. Hikers are usually decked out in REI's finest with shorts or long pants that become shorts with the pull of a zipper. Mountain bikers have those cute spandex outfits with padded butts. Not bad on girls, but the men look silly. ATV riders usually sport Cabella's latest camouflage which really does little to hide their noisy machines. My buddies can come up with some of the strangest outfits seen on the High Plateau. Utah Jack has tried the redneck look with sign and bath tub to attract women. Fremont Bob occasionally wears wolf man headgear to become part of the pack. And, probably the worst is Ole Dangerous himself trying to pass as a cowboy. As you can see, the hat is too big and his neck is too short. All of you should follow my lead and head to the groomer twice a year to get the burrs and dingle berries removed and forget those fashion statements.

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