Friday, January 23, 2009

Quiet Landscape

By now, you know I spend a lot of time tagging Dangerous and his buddies around. On the trail, I get to listen to all their conversations. They blame me, Blue, and Sadie for not seeing more elk and other wildlife. But, I know it's really the constant "yakking" back and forth among the horse riders that scares the wildlife. In the evenings, I have my favorite places where I lie listening to them retell the days adventures or old stories. Probably my favorite spot is under the kitchen table. Very few visitors ever chase me away when I beg for treats. Who can resist a warm head placed in their lap? One of my favorite visitors, Larry, once told me that I am a dog "who can't hold her licker."

As you probably know, Aussies are right up there on the canine intelligence scale. So, you shouldn't be surprised when I tell you that I regularly cogitate about the evening conversations. I am not much for politics or religion which are regular porch topics. Frequently, I get lost when they talk about women, girl friends, wives, and love. It might be because I am a spayed female even though Blue sometimes forgets. Fremont Bob's reported UFO sightings sometimes catch me a bit off guard. But, I guess the thing that I wonder most about is what draws this group of diverse characters together. After lots of thought, I think I have it figured out.

I found the answer while trotting behind Dottie and Little Guy. Every so often, Dangerous will pull Dottie to a stop along side Little Guy. He makes us wait while he gazes off at the horizon pointing out to Utah Jack some feature of the landscape that has captured his attention. The same thing happens some evenings after dinner, and we all congregate on the porch. Utah Jack will stand up and wander down the driveway. He usually calls to the rest of us to come and see. Sure enough, the sky will be lit up with a great sunset, and Utah wants to share it with the rest of us and take a picture. By now, he must have a thousand sunset pictures, but never seems to tire of them.

After lots of watching and thinking, I think I know what brings this group of characters together. Without the High Plateau and its quiet landscapes, they probably would have never met. They may not be quiet themselves, but their friendships are some how tied together by what they seek and see. The High Plateau and its surrounding deserts brought them together and has made them lasting friends.

Well, that's the way I see it anyway. But, who am I to know for sure. I might be an intelligent sheep dog, but you are welcome to correct me if you think I am wrong. Love to hear from you!

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Me in a nutshell (heavy on the nut!) said...

What a great life you have out there! I wish I could be there. You know, for a dog, your writing is really very captivating! Freemont Bob's daughter, Amy