Thursday, January 1, 2009


Visitors join us from all over the world. One of the better educated traveled all the way from Jackson, Mississippi to sit a horse, receive unending abuse, and write some cowboy poetry. It isn't often that anyone leaves more than their business card in the outhouse let alone a cowboy poem about their experience. Mississippi Max isn't a bad rider and is pretty good porch company. He held his own with the best and worst of the bunch who spends time riding and hiking with me and my buddies. He even mentions me in his tribute to Riding the High Plateau.

Grover Boys

This is the tale of Dangerous Doug and his sidekick Utah Jack
Who ride the Boulder Mountain trails with horses and with pack
They're real outlaws, make no mistake, they ride their saddles tall
Though Utah rides an Appy horse that seems a little small
But that's beside the point, I guess, cause Doug he rides a mare
That spins him at the strangest times and leaves him in the air

Ole Utah says the Appy is Arabian by birth
"He's just incognito," straight face, no sign of mirth
"That short neck is his disguise, those spots are painted on
We've cut four inches from his hooves, tail plucked until its gone
Those broad hips are padded, and we've shortened up his back
But he's full Arabian, and that's a natural fact!"

Doug's classy little walking mare, what stories she could tell
About Doug's way with horses and the things he does so well
But then she takes him for a spin and flings him to the ground
A rich string of expletives, can be heard for miles around
Truth be known I think she spins just to hear him cuss
Why else would she be so sweet and then make such a fuss?

They have a little cabin, hidden in the pinon pines
Where neighbors are all welcome, though there are some "Keep Out" signs
There's Fremont River Bob and his young mule Hemingway
And Mike who runs the foundry, pouring molds for those who'll pay
There's Ole Ross the Wrangler and his wife Mindy too
And son Kyle whose hats are large for a little buckaroo

These citizens of Grover with smiles upon each face
Know there'll be some tall tales told when they open up the place
Dangerous Doug and Utah Jack, they come to ride each peak
But that's not all that Dixie's for, that's not all that they seek
They also like the company of good folks tried and true
Who'll let them just be outlaws and cook a good camp stew

Now this is not to say that they don't ride the range
They'll ride 'till you get "monkey butt" and give you back some change
They ride among the Aspen and by the alpine lake
Through the grassy meadows, whatever it may take
Up the rocky mountainside,through Juniper and pine
Along the sparkling mountain stream, their horses beating time

But be careful when you're asked to ride across a recent burn
Or you'll be cutting dead fall, they'll gladly give a turn
They're loathe to stop and turn around before they reach the top
So get your sawing arm in shape before you make this stop
The sawing is really not so bad, if you take it all in stride
But needing oxygen at altitude is something you can't hide

They ride Aquarius plateau, the antelope to chase
They ride to see Dark Valley at a gentle, easy pace
With Rose and Blue and Sadie, faithful friends to run ahead
There are miles to go and things to see before its time for bed
But the miles go all too quickly and the ride is over soon
So they sit up on the porch and gaze upon the moon

If you're ever down in Grover and you feel a bit laid back
Just look up Ole Dangerous and his friend Utah Jack
Chances are they're getting saddles and grooming up their mounts
And living life quite large and isn't that what counts?
You may be asked to come along as they set out on the trail
There's just one rule "No Whining," if you get the monkey tail!

Max Arinder
June 15-June 21, 200
Riding Trip, Grover, UT

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