Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sadie and Blue

You might think my only friends are horses and men. Actually, I get to hang out with two interesting canines. After tagging them for a week, Ole' Dangerous usually enrolls me in obedience school.

Sadie and Blue, I think you can figure out who is who from the picture, are well known across the entire High Plateau. As you can see, they will eat about anything. They are discussing who gets the best antelope hide tidbits. You never know what they will find. When they aren't scavenging for tasty morsels, they are usually tracking four legged creatures. Fortunately, they have never caught anything, but lack of success hasn't stopped them from trying. A refined Aussie like myself can learn a lot from these back country travelers. I learned real fast not to get between Blue and anything that resembles food. If you think these two are interesting, wait till I introduce you to the guy they hang out with -- Fremont Bob.

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xali said...

Howdy, enjoy your blog. Looking forward to reading more about "Fremont Bob".